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A Journey into Fashion (The Dressing Room)

My new book coming very soon to Amazon worldwide. I hope you'll check it out.

Should you follow a dream?

A Journey into Fashion (The Dressing Room), is a story about the healing power of love and the power of friendship, it’s also a celebration of the high-end fashion world. It’s a touching, amusing, coming of age story, set in the North of England. It starts in the late 1950s and describes one man’s 40-year journey from humble, unhappy beginnings to find himself and build a future while striving to make his dreams come true. His is an unusual story driven by self-doubt, dogged determination, and hope to enter the world of fashion; it’s a journey full of diversions. The story covers a number of significant events and is told with honesty, and humour and takes you on his voyage of self-discovery and into fashion.

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