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New Book. Jocasta Bradman Investigates The Mystery At Friar Manor.

Coming soon to Amazon.

The year is 1942, Britain is at war with Nazi Germany. The noted spiritual medium Jocasta Bradman, a key member of the famous Pluckley Psychic Historical Society, has an unexpected visitor, the beautiful MI6 agent Lady Fenella Windsor Hawtrey, who is seeking her assistance.

Friar Manor, an ancient monastery near the coastal town of Folkstone, England, has a new occupant, a mysterious, charismatic archaeologist named Peter Galitzine, but he's not alone. He's been on the MI6 radar for some time as he's known to be working for the Ahnenerbe, a division of Heinrich Himmler's Schutzstaffel, the Nazi SS. The SS has ordered several archaeological expeditions across the globe, looking for specific religious artefacts, believing it would give them a significant advantage in their war effort.

MI6 need Jocasta and her associate's unique skills to uncover precisely what is happening at the manor. As the mystery unfolds, it becomes clear that Peter Galitzine has an enigmatic assistant, and the Nazis intend to use specific religious artefacts with a piece of advanced technology they are developing, known as the Die Glocke machine.

The Mystery at Friar Manor is book three in Grahame Peace's series of historical, paranormal, supernatural, cosy mysteries.


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