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NEW BOOK. The Ghost from the Molly House. A Christmas Wish. Release date June 2020 on Amazon.

A Christmas Wish, and the kindness of a stranger.

It’s 1850 and Christmas is fast approaching in Victorian London. Miss Desdemona Ward has recently inherited a vast fortune including a beautiful house in London’s exclusive Belgravia Square from Lady Agnus Maudsley, a relative she didn’t know existed. Since moving into the house, Desdemona has heard strange noises and seen the ghost of a little girl who is asking for help. Feeling haunted by what she has seen and heard, she calls in a psychic investigator, Jasper Claxton, not knowing he’s a time-travelling ghost.

Jasper brings one of his associates from the famous Pluckley Psychic Historical Society, Jocasta Bradman, a noted spiritual medium, back in time to 1850 to help him, and together, as the clock starts ticking, they begin their investigation. An investigation which takes them to the many slums of London and the Covent Garden Workhouse. Could a well-known story about Christmas also help them on their journey to solve this touching ghostly mystery?

Meet Jasper a time-travelling super-ghost with a sense of humour, in these eerie, historic, amusing, paranormal stories. The Ghost from the Molly-House is a collection of historical mysteries, which will appeal to fans of antiquity, period detective novels, tales of haunted houses, cosy mysteries, fantasy, and all things that go bump in the night. Although this is the seventh book in the series, the novel can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story in its own right.

Please note this book is written in British English.

Read all the books in The Ghost from the Molly-House Series and meet the entire paranormal investigation team.

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The Mystery at Winterburn Manor

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