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I'm pleased to say my new book is out Jocasta Bradman Investigates. The Mystery at Marmaduke Manor. Find it at Amazon.

Some doors should never be opened.

Daisy Frittering feels compelled to contact her late husband, Cedric. She sees an advert in a ladies' magazine offering the services of a spiritual medium and arranges for her to perform a séance at her home, Marmaduke Manor. On the night of the séance, things take an unexpected turn when an unwanted spirit is called - but they are not alone.

Following the séance, Jocasta Bradman, a member of the Pluckley Psychic Historical Society, has a presentiment that something is wrong and finds herself drawn to Marmaduke Manor. Once there, she finds Daisy at her wit's end and questioning her sanity.

She discovers that a woman claiming to be a medium held a séance at the house, leaving the place haunted. Jocasta becomes Daisy's only hope as she tries to find out who the spirits are and what they want before she can attempt to send them back to the other side.

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