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The Beauty Room

Keeping up appearances is everything in Edgerton, the Belgravia of Huddersfield. I mean what would that rich, gossipy Dolly Bellfield have to say? And then there's that snooty stuck up mill owners wife Gwendolyn Shaw and her spoilt daughter Geraldine, and then there's her naughty but nice boyfriend the suave delicious Charles. The Beauty Room is a feel-good book full of humour, brimming with intrigue, and full of characters you'll adore.

Enjoy this refreshing, charming, laugh out loud, coming of age story, it follows the life of Barbara Day a character from Grahame’s first book “The Dressing Room.” It begins at a glamorous, prestigious Beauty Awards Ceremony in London in 2002 and then goes back to 1950 where it all began for Barbara, working for the mysterious Madame Jacqueline Deveze at her Garbo salon in the wealthy Northern Textile Town of Huddersfield in England. The book follows Barbara’s amusing journey as she tries to become a name in the beauty industry. Along the way, there are on-going feuds, gossip, beaus, liaisons, relationships, fashions, hairstyles, lotions, potions, perfumes, and some of life's amusing foibles, as Barbara finds out there is much more to people, Huddersfield, and beauty than she ever imagined.

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