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NEW BOOK. The The Ghost from the Molly-House Story Collection.

Meet Jasper, a time-travelling ghost with a sense of humour in these eerie, historic, amusing paranormal mysteries. The Ghost from the Molly-House is a collection of four stories that will appeal to fans of antiquity, period detective novels, tales of haunted houses, cosy mysteries, fantasy, and all things that go bump in the night.

The first story is set in Haiti in 1933. While searching for some ancient stones, said to have mystical powers. Jasper finds himself helping MI6, who are looking for a missing agent while investigating dark voodoo rituals, drug smuggling, and modern-day slavery.

The Fazakerley Incident is set in Wales in 1923 at a large country house and tells the story of a séance and a vengeful poltergeist.

The Castle Stewart Werewolf is set in Scotland in 2018, at a 15th century Castle. The owners are convinced the curse of a werewolf may have returned.

The Pluckley Incident takes place in 1934 and involves a disturbed grave, symbols, possible devil worship, and the stealing of souls.

Please note this book is written in British English.

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