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Can a portrait hold the soul?

Three lives, one woman.

In 1645, young Mary Elliot helps the wise woman, Mother Penshurst, fight against the self-proclaimed witchfinder general Matthew Hopkins.

In 1768, the perfumier Eloise Aimee finds herself fighting against a sinister Brotherhood in Paris, France.

In 1936, Lady Dulse Breville is trying to save her husband from sinister dark forces and starts to have visions from the past.

It’s 1938, and the noted spiritual medium Jocasta Bradman sees a charming portrait of a lady while visiting her local library in her hometown of Folkstone, England. She immediately feels a connection to the picture, knows something is wrong, and feels compelled to investigate.

Jocasta Bradman Investigates A Portrait of a Lady is a charming, historical, paranormal, supernatural, cosy mystery.

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