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NEW RELEASE. The Jasper Claxton Mysteries. The Ghost from the Molly-House. Meet Jasper Claxton, a time-travelling ghost with a sense of humour in these eerie, historic, amusing, paranormal mysteries. The Jasper Claxton Mysteries is a collection of three stories that will appeal to fans of antiquity, period detective novels, tales of haunted houses, cosy mysteries, fantasy, and all things that go bump in the night.

The first story is set in Paris in 1900. Jasper works with a perfumier and spiritual medium to try and stop a sinister Brotherhood. Members of the Brotherhood are trying to become immortal and control the supernatural and natural order of things.

The second story is set in Venice, Italy, in 1934. Jasper finds himself working with MI6, who are investigating a research centre and sinister Artificial Intelligence.

The third story is set in England in 2018. Jasper is working with The Psychic Agency, a group of psychic investigators. The agency is called to the home of a wealthy businessman who’s made his fortune from computer software and is a collector of ancient Egyptian artefacts. He’s just gone through a messy divorce from his wife, who’s a social media and reality TV star. He’s convinced his home has been possessed by evil.

Please note this book is written in British English.

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